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Buck and Rail Fencing

Buck and Rail fencing is a wonderful option for Southeast Wyoming because of its versatility. It consists of two sets of posts that are fastened at create an "X" with rails on one side and a diagonal rail on the other for stability. 


  • Doesn't require post holes

  • Quick installation

  • Rustic look

  • Works well with large animals

  • Can be converted to snow fence easily

  • Semi permanent


  • Compared to fences with post in the ground it isn't as sturdy

  • Less effective with small animals

  • Requires posts for livestock gates (See picture to left)

Materials for Buck and Rail

Buck Fencing.jpg


Buck & Rail Fence Installation 

For any fencing job there are many variables that may change the cost of the project. These include but are not limited to rough terrain, corners and turns, gate installation and travel.  This is a baseline price for what we consider our standard Buck & Rail. We will build a 3 rail, 12 ft section with no stays. 

  • $10 per foot

We are very flexible and will do our best to meet your needs. 

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