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Please make sure you are filling out correct order form
Customers do not need to be present for delivery
Due to recent difficulties please include where wood is to be dropped off
Payment is due upon delivery. If not present during delivery please include location of check or cash on order form

Laramie Area Online Firewood Order Form

If you are within 15 miles of Laramie and would like to make a firewood order please fill this form out and we will get you on the delivery schedule. 

Split- $250 first cord/$220 for each additional cord. 

Unsplit/Rounds- $215 first cord/$190 for each additional cord.

8 foot lengths.  $175 first cord/$150 for each additional cord.  

Flatbed load- $1000 if we have to bring equipment to unload $750 if you provide equipment

Laramie Area Order Form

Thank your for your order. We will reach out shortly with delivery date

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