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Pipe/Pole Fence

Pipe and pole fence are the same thing except the material that they are built out of. Pipe fence is built out of all metal, while pole fence is built out of all wood. The fence is constructed with posts being set in the ground then cross sections of the same material fastened to them. Of all the fencing that we offer this is the sturdiest. It can be built with the greatest size range of materials. 

Solid pipe fence Cropped.jpg


  • Sturdiest option we offer

  • Ability to customize for customer needs

  • Permanent 

  • Little to no maintenance

  •  Great for large, wild livestock

wood fence cropped.jpg


  • Slow construction

  • High material and labor cost

  • Need space for construction equipment 

  • Material availability 



Because there is such a variety of options. We feel that it is best if you reach out and let us know what you are looking for and we can give a quote

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